Date = 1986

Country = Japan

Type = Digitally Sampled Analogue

Drum Voices = 11

Rhythms = 32 (Preset) / 32 (Program)

Rhythm Combining = No













For those that sprout a goatee, it's time for you to rub your chin and make that "hmmm" sound...

This is the "electronic" sound set version of the DR-220, the first Digital Dr. Rhythm released by the Roland Corp. in 1986, (the straightforward DR-220a having pretty much the same digital "real kit" samples as the budget Roland TR-505.

So what is it doing in the Dubsounds sample set? It's not a real analogue beat box is it?

No, not even analogue filtered like the Linndrum or the Oberheim DMX but we think it's a great little obscurity and deserves to be in anyone's sound collection.


You see it's all about the samples! This thing gives a very close aproximation to Thomas Dolby's own drum sound circa 1982, (i.e. One Of Our Submarines / She Blinded Me With Science...). It has that Simmons type electro sound and in much the same way as Dolby sampled those beats into his grainy old 8 bit Fairlight for sequencing and to get that distinctive crunch, these samples benefit from a similar treatment.

What we've done here is record all 32 preset rhythms that were included straight out of the box and also programmed in the additional 32 rhythms from the user manual giving you 64 totally retro '80s patterns. We've also included one-shot samples of each drum sound so you can authentically program your own beats but as these are digital samples already, there is only one hit for each sound as they are played back digitally on the machine anyway.

So if you always liked that Dolby sound, you're going to appreciate this one, Go to the "Listen To My Beats" link, (top right) and check out the built in Demo Song and all the individual beats. We think you'll see what we mean right away so have fun...


Sample Pack Info:











Recycle RX2 Loops:

Single drum hits (WAV):

This sample set contains 64 two bar loops. All of the 32 preset rhythms have been captured and we also programmed in all the additional patterns contained in the user manual.

This set contains 11 individual drum hits comprising the full sound capability of the DR-220e







What's so special about these sample packs? Quite simply, there isn't anywhere on the internet or in any commercial sample library where you can get this stuff. We made these samples because nobody else has.







All Dubsounds sample packs are sampled directly from our own drum machines. They are definitely NOT ripped from sample CD's, unlike many you see on Ebay at the moment, (which is a bit sad). All the rhythms are recorded directly into Pro-Tools from the machine's audio output and are not equalised, compressed or effected in any way. We want you to have the closest thing to the real machine as possible but with the added benefits of seamless integration into your VST host. The only thing we have done is to CAREFULLY remove any unwanted electrical noise and hum present in the signal, (if required) and taking extreme care to avoid damaging the delicate percussive transients. These samples were made for our own use first and foremost!







DR-220e - Dr. Rhythm Graphic - 64 loops - 11 hits - (23 Mb download)








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