Date = 1976

Country = Japan

Type = Analogue

Drum Voices = 6

Rhythms = 16 x 2 (Preset)

Rhythm Combining = Yes







The Mini Pops SR-120P is the daddy of all mini pops machines! It was released in two styles. The 120P came in a portable black tolex box with a carrying handle and lid, (the Dubsounds version) and the 120W sat in a wooden enclosure similar to the Roland machines of the time. It also appeared under the Univox name, (also as the SR-120P) but all versions of this machine are identical.

The sounds on the SR-120 are absolutely superb. The kick when amplified through a studio desk can be bowel crushing and the snare is extremely full sounding. On the Preview Player, under SR-120P the first track is called "Death By Dub". It's just a little fun we had crushing our skulls in the studio one day and shows you just how far you can push this monster.

Each rhythm has two variations making a total of 32 patterns and there are four "breaks" which can be set to automatically kick in every 2, 4, 8, 12 or 16 bars to add interest to the patterns. There is a balance control but unlike the machines which actually cancel out the hi-hats, this is just a basic tone control so we couldn't grab any "hat-less" or "kick-less" loops.

Overall - this is a lovely machine that looks amazing and wouldn't be out of place as Darth Vader's walkman! The 120 can be heard on early Fad Gadget material, particularly the track "Newsreel".






Sample Pack Info:











Recycle RX2 Loops:

Single drum hits (WAV):

This sample set contains 32 four bar loops. All 16 rhythms are covered in their A and B variations plus there are a further four fill-in's (or breaks as they are called on the machine) which are also included.

This set doesn't contain any drum hits at the moment. They will be added soon but if you buy the sample pack now you can get the hits later at no extra charge. It also means you will get the machine for less as the drum hits will only increase the size of the sample pack and therefore the price.







What's so special about these sample packs? Quite simply, there isn't anywhere on the internet or in any commercial sample library where you can get this stuff. We made these samples because nobody else has.







All Dubsounds sample packs are sampled directly from our own drum machines. They are definitely NOT ripped from sample CD's, unlike many you see on Ebay at the moment, (which is a bit sad). All the rhythms are recorded directly into Pro-Tools from the machine's audio output and are not equalised, compressed or effected in any way. We want you to have the closest thing to the real machine as possible but with the added benefits of seamless integration into your VST host. The only thing we have done is to CAREFULLY remove any unwanted electrical noise and hum present in the signal, (if required) and taking extreme care to avoid damaging the delicate percussive transients. These samples were made for our own use first and foremost!







Mini Pops SR-120P - 36 loops - (15Mb download)








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