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The sounds presented on these pages are from painstakingly restored instruments. There aren't too many perfect Polymoogs around these days and the small handful that do exist are normally known to us via the Polymoog Owners Club. We have noticed one or two traders on auction sites trying to pass off these clips as the sound of the machines they are trying to sell. Take care over what you buy and if you need advice, you are always welcome to contact the club first.

Resources: Polymoog Sound Clips
Polymoog Keyboard (280a)
This panel opens 14 sub-pages of demo clips all made using the Polymoog 280a Keyboard.
Polymoog Synthesizer (203a)

Check out the Polymoog Synthesizer presets by clicking on the panel buttons. Each clip plays the same phrase twice. The first bypasses the filter using the "direct" output, and the second uses the "mix" output where all the front panel controls are enabled.

Clicking on VAR button takes you to another page where you can hear the Polymoog at its best in full-on synthesizer mode and some of the more experimental sounds can be found here.
Special thanks to Danny and Colin for their assistance in putting together the clips of the Polymoog 203a.