Resources: Polymoog Sound Clips
  Home: String 1 is a lovely warm bowed string sound in its unadulterated state. Here it is in melancholic mode with only reverb and a processed Roland TR-66 for company. This is a special one to me.
  TEE: I'm not saying Kraftwerk actually used this sound on "Trans-Europe Express" but Ralf Hutter did use a Polymoog 203a and it sounds close to my ears. I'll let you be the judge of this one...
  Tracks: More classic Numan. He used this sound quite a bit in the old days as a fill in around Vox Humana, (which he quite rightly plundered with abandon). This sound is modified with the VAR control in that the attack has been zeroed.
All clips are played and recorded by Shaun Brooks, any likeness to any existing song is purely deliberate. Please remember that these clips took a lot of time and are not to be used or linked anywhere outside of the Polymoog Owners Club pages... ta!