Resources: Polymoog Sound Clips
  Cars: A modified version of this bright string preset. Numan used it to provide the "twee" melody line on "Cars". The attack is in VAR mode and is zeroed and it is processed by the MXR Phase 100 on its fastest rate, (as is the original Vox Humana intro on the same song).
  Magnetic: An unashamed "Jarreism", even down to the Mini Pops 7 thwacking away in the background. A very simple backing pad wash that demonstrates the joyful lushness of this wonderful string pad... unadulterated and in all its glory!
  Stuff 1 : The MXR is back, along with a bucket load of delay, reverb and some stereo chorus (MXR again). Just a quick clip that shows how far you can change the sound with some over-the-top outboard gear.
  Stuff 2 : Another short one with exactly the same processing as above but demonstrating the coolness of the pitch ribbon when combined with a fat chord, (remember, the Polymoog is FULLY polyphonic. I must try it again with some gaffa tape to hold down additional keys ;o)
  Technical: Numan again for the last time (I think)... This is the distinctive intro to "We Have A Technical" (a "Replicas" out-take) that uses this patch as a lead sound by running the attack at zero (again).
All clips are played and recorded by Shaun Brooks, any likeness to any existing song is purely deliberate. Please remember that these clips took a lot of time and are not to be used or linked anywhere outside of the Polymoog Owners Club pages... ta!