Resources: Polymoog Sound Clips
  Higher Ground : "Clav"... I thought, (for about ½ a nanosecond) and then plunged right into Stevie Wonder, (and who would blame me?). To do this right, (as on the original) it has to be multi-tracked in three parts (yes we all saw the "classic albums" documentary). First off is the straight clav, the second part is a thinned out version, up an octave and through a leslie effect (because I felt like it) and then the lush chords pile in from Preset 4 "Orgasma Piano" (got the message yet?).
All clips are played and recorded by Shaun Brooks, any likeness to any existing song is purely deliberate. Please remember that these clips took a lot of time and are not to be used or linked anywhere outside of the Polymoog Owners Club pages... ta!